Saturday, December 30, 2006

Welcome Home, Emerson!

Baby Skogen is finally here!
Emerson Theodore Skogen
December 30, 2006, 11:05pm
9 pounds, 8 ounces & 21 inches - WOW!

Emerson arrived just in the nick of time to share his birthday with Daddy...
Only a moment to post, but will share more later!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Kodiak!

Kodiak is 15 today - next year he'll be celebrating with a date! In the meantime, what could be better than a morning of bowling and arcade games with his nerdy siblings??
Chasing Norah as she runs around in circles - the could get old quickly...
Air hockey with Grammie - Grammie kicked hiney

Watching Kodiak make his moves (he eventually won the game)!
Wheeeeel offff Forrrrtuuuuuuuune
I'm so suave
Yep, chasing Norah around in circles DOES get old :-)
Trying to beat Grammie

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Life couldn't get any better - Norah received a fairy set today. Add that to her tutu and tiara and we have a dancing Fairy-Princess-Angel-Ballerina... (Thanks, Aunt Marla!)

I hope she realizes that this does not excuse her from tomboy activities at a later date. ;-)

Sweet presents from Grandma Carmen

A beautiful sweater from Grandma!

Oh yeah, in case you are wondering...

Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

B. B. S. is still lingering in the womb. :-)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Santa came to Norah's house!

Although she went to bed late last night, Norah was up before 7 this morning. We were able to stave her off for a little bit, but not too long. She was SO EXCITED to come down the stairs and see what Santa had brought to her. This is the best way to celebrate the holidays!

Wow - Santa left one cookie for Norah...

Oh my! It's a tea party set! Santa is brilliant - and Norah must have been a very good girl this year.

Opening the funny goodies in her stocking...A beautiful quilt that Grandma Carmen made for Norah. As you can see, she likes it!
Charming a snake with the recorder Santa left in her stocking

For Christmas dinner we visited the O'Brien family. It was a big gathering with lots of family to catch up with! Norah had a great time running after 5 of her cousins - all boys - and trying to keep up with them. She held her own! Dressed in her party dress and fancy shoes (someone told her her shoes were fancy, so thats what she's been calling them). Also sporting her spiffy new sweater from her cousins, Kimmie and Hadley. They have great taste!
Aunt Kaye made a delicious meal, along with help from Uncle Dave's mom, Patty. Absolutly the best gravy ever! They must have worked so hard today to prepare everything. The results were phenomenal!
Aunt Kaye had 3 full tables set up throughout her house - Norah ate with Grammie Peggy and her Great Grandparents. Thanks to a special chair, she was right at the same height as the rest of the family.
Cousin Chris has a new Nintendo toy that everyone couldn't get enough of. One of the games is an idog (yes, uncool me could be getting that wrong) that is interactive. I think my mom spent the most time on there playing the game - it was a crack up. She is addicted!!
Hanging with her Auntie...with all the excitement of the evening, it was hard to get Norah to hold still for a picture!

After such a long day...

...everyone had a turn at the foot massager. I don't even know who's this was, but I think I saw about 20 people using it while we were visiting Aunt Kaye. :-)

Hanging out, reading PC magazine and having a foot massage

Uncle Robert, playing fetch with Norah (yes, fetch, not catch) and have his tootsies massaged

A very serious Misty enjoying the "hot" massage (see, the massager is red).

A combo hot massage - it tickles!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve Fun

This morning Grandpa and Gramma Skogen and the Blinn Family came over to celebrate Christmas! Gramma Joyce came prepared with a delicious brunch of her famous Almond Kringle (yummm....we are really lucky there are some leftovers to enjoy tomorrow), overnight egg cassarole and a chocolate Boston cream pie. Aunt Lynne brought a fruit platter and we stuffed ourselves with the goods. The family exchanged presents and as you can see, we all had a great time!

Norah is not-so-keen on posing for the camera nowdays...but she still looks pretty cute in her halo and new sassy outfit from Gramma and Grandpa!

More fun presents from Gramma! Gramma found an Olivia board book and it suits Norah to a "T". The entire story seemed to describe her... :-)

Girly fun with Auntie Lynne - new jewelry and a jingle bell purse

Even the Blinn's new puppy got in on the Christmas action! He is a 3 month old Lhasa Apso - it made us miss Jonesy at that age. :-) Norah and Jack got along famously, although Norah may have outlasted poor Jack in teh stamina department. Towards the afternoon he passed out under a chair.

Grandpa the Reindeer and Gramma the Angel!

Later on in the afternoon we headed over for the traditional Butler family Christmas celebration... Mmmm, Mom outdid herself with dinner this year. It was so good! (we may never need to eat again, after today's delicious meals)

Every year Santa brings a unique ornament for everyone - they are tied to a ribbon and hidden inside a special santa holder. Everyone holds on to a ribbon, the lid is lifted off, and we pull out the ornaments for the year. This tradition began with my Great Grandma Katie, Norah's Great-Great Grandma. Its so exciting to pass the traditions along to her. This was the first time Norah could pull out her ornament - a colorful snowman!

Eskimo kisses with Grammie - both sporting their elf (Norah's term) hats. Mom was doing lots of cooking and the hat was making her hot, but every time she tried to take it off Norah would insist it go back on. And actually, Norah's hat is intended for Baby Brother, but she confiscated it for the evening.
Opening presents with Uncle Kodiak
Aunt Mindy, helping Norah with her special new baby, Brigitte. Mindy and Robert drove up from So. Cal. for a quick Christmas Eve/Christmas visit. We were all ecstatic to see them!
Robert and Jones, falling asleep after dinner
At the end of the night - a very tired Norah has somehow found herself a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie to eat. Chocolate shmeared everywhere, Christmas ribbon in one ponytail, bags under her eyes... Whew, Christmas fun can wear a girl out.

Mom set a beautful table for our Christmas Eve dinner and even Norah had a special place setting - pewter plate, silver cup and her very own "cracker" to open with the rest of the family!

At the end of the night Norah set out cookies for and milk for Santa. It was hard for her not to eat the cookies...they were frequently hovering near her mouth. She opened up her new Christmas jammies, we snuggled her in them then put her to bed - and she went right to sleep. She'll be ready for all the festivities tomorrow!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yeah, life could be weirder!

Two wombs, three babies

Getting ready for Santa

On Friday we began preparing for Santa's big visit on Christmas Eve. Grammie Peggy had a cookie baking party (we made so many kinds) and Norah had a chance to make a special batch to leave for Santa. As you can see, she has a very light touch with the sprinkles - she calls them sparkles. The house smelled to yummy and it was very homey - we may have to make this a tradition!

Grammie made a special Christmas stocking for Norah - you can see how beautiful it is! Norah loves it - sparkles and snowflakes are of endless enjoyment to her. Thank you, mom!!

Captain's Log, Stardate 2308

It's the 302nd anniversary of Baby Skogen's due date, yet there is no sign of his arrival. Scotty, we have a problem.

Friday, December 22, 2006

For crying out loud (can you hear me?)

We had our last OB appointment today and still no sign of Baby Skogen. A month ago they told us he would be early, but here we are!! Official due date is tomorrow. Unless he decides to make an appearance before, we'll be induced on Saturday, the 30th. Also Ryan's birthday... :-)

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Lloyd Center, Miniature Golf, yes...Baby, no...

Well, we're doing everything we can here to help Baby S arrive! Its looking like December 21st is not the big birthday. :-)
This morning Norah and I met Aunt Laurie and Baby 'Belle at Lloyd Center to exchange presents and meet Santa. What an adventure! Isabelle is about the happiest baby we have ever met - and quite the willing model for pictures. She always has a smiley face on for the camera. well, you'll see how quickly that can change....

Yay, waiting for Santa!

Laurie sets Isabelle down and instant tears pop out! She is not a fan of creepy men in weird outfits. Laurie picked her back up to sooth her, while Norah took a turn. Isabelle was happy as can be with mom, but when placed back on Santa's lap she definitly made her views known again. Get me off!!

Norah steps in for a little action, between efforts with Isabelle. This is her 3rd time sitting on Santa's lap - she is beginning to take it in stride, but was still anxious for her turn.

The great escape - Quick Belle, run!!

Look at this'd never guess that just minutes ago she met the weirdest fella ever. She is such a good sport!