Thursday, December 30, 2010

Birthday Dinner

We celebrated the boys birthday with dinner at The Rock pizza, our fave local pizza place.

I just noticed the shirt Emerson choice - lol, appropriate!

Emerson Theodore, Ryan Theodore and Grandpa Theodore
Watching the pizza dough fly!

Emerson's birthday party!

This year was Emerson's first party with friends and family - in the past its just been his family celebrating. He has been looking forward to the party FOREVER and had the best time when it finally arrived. Yay for our little guy!

We met at a local bouncy house playland and children and adult alike jumped like maniacs...

Then headed into their party room for some cake and more fun.

While Emerson opened presents from his very thoughtful and generous guests, Norah helped entertain with a face painting station. She offered hearts or lightening bolts - with sparkles, of course.

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Emerson's 4th Birthday! (and Ryan's 38th...)

Emerson was so excited to wake up on his birthday morning! As per Ryan's birthday wish, they both headed out to pick up breakfast at McDonalds (hmmm...what does that say about my cooking??), while Norah and I prepared their gifts.

I think Emerson's gifts this year were just as much presents for Ryan. E is finally at an age where his toys are fun for daddy, too. :-) Ryan really wanted Emerson to have plastic, green army guys...and Emerson has enjoyed playing with them. I guess Ryan was right!

Remote control things - oh, so fun!

And a pillow pet! Emerson has wanted one of these since Norah received one for her birthday. He has officially named him Froggy Dog. Yep.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chilly Ticket to Ride

Emerson's buddy Tyler received a bike for his birthday and I promised E if he left Tyler's bike alone, I'd let him ride his when we got home. Unfortunatly, he didn't although it was 30ish degrees, we went on a ride!

Norah was so chilly, she was trying to ride with her hands stuffed in her coat pockets. Yes, she is wearing a pettiskirt and sparkly shoes for the activity.

My crazy boy!! Love him SOOO much.

Emerson and Tyler

Emerson was invited to his first boys only birthday party - he was pretty excited to drop Norah off at Aunt Dannelle's, with promises that he would tell her all about it.

Tyler is very in to Handy Manny and construction, so that was the theme of the party. His mom and dad had such fun decorations and an adorable cake!

It was VERY hard for Emerson to watch and not touch while Tyler opened his presents, but for an almost 4 year old, he did a good job!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Delish dinner with the O'Briens and Rose families

Kaye and me

Norah and Emerson were big enough to sit unattended at the kids table - they loved running around after all the big boys this year.

And more fun presents!!!

Norah's Christmas Morning

Norah is an avid crafter and is very creative - she loves to help me when I am sewing. This year we gave her a great beginner's sewing machine, and I'm hoping this will last her till she hits her teens. She also recieved fabric and many accessories and couldn't wait to get started sewing!

One of Norah's fave toys is her doll, Rebecca. Thanks to her Grandmas, she has a new wardrobe/chest and several new accessories for Rebecca.

Norah asked Santa for a face painting kit, and he brought her one!

Emerson's Christmas Morning

Emerson was so excited to open every gift - and was so appreciative for them all! It was a very fun Christmas - he is a fabulous age! He recieved many fun trains and train accessories, as well as cars, trucks, planes - well, anything that moves. He asked Santa for a plane and a race track.

Here he opens his James the Train toy - he really, really want this!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

Santa Claus Ornaments

Every year on Christmas Eve we pull our individual ornaments (which are a surprise) out of a santa cookie jar. This is a tradition began by my great grandma many decades ago. Although she is no longer here, her great-great grandchildren still enjoy this tradition! Grandma Katie's santa jar was a paper mache-like santa - my parents bought one of their own when they had children and he is a roly poly santa in a rocking chair - and now Ryan and I have this one of our own.

Every year I find ornaments that are somehow representative of the children's interests for the year.

This year Norah was fascinated with water faeries...

...and Emerson was obsessed with Batman. hehehe The first couple of years I tried to find ornaments that were very elegant and timeless...but then I realized that the kids actually will enjoy the memories of these much, much more. So we've added to their Thomas Tank and Tink ornaments from last year. :-)
The Butler family still does the Santa ornament tradition as well and although we weren't all together this year, we still all received ornaments commemorating the year. This year I volunteered (with some motivation from my SIL Dannelle) and I made many variations of these and mailed them out to everyone. Grandma Katie used to hand make all of her ornaments, so thats what we try to continue - we each take turns. I kept my least favorite for us, but maybe one of my fab relatives will send me a pic of theirs... Whew - I made 21 ornaments!!


Every year the Yule-Nissen, a Norwegian Christmas elf, brings pjs to Norah and Emerson on Christmas Eve. We spent the cozy day at home, playing games, watching a movie, listening to holiday music...and keeping an eye out for the Yule-Nissen!! They are very hard to spot...

We took Jones out for a family walk around the neighborhood to look at lights...and when we returned the Yule-Nissen had come and gone. I can't believe we missed him. Maybe next year! :-)

Emerson insisted on wearing his sun glasses on our walk - and also for pics in his pjs.

Our Christmas ballerina

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas is coming...

Presents are wrapped...

I couldn't find our tree topper anywhere, so Ryan and the kids handcrafted this one especially for Greenie (what the kids name the tree). Cardboard, sequins, sparkles, glitter and paint! Such a treasure, I'll keep it for next year.

Nor could I find the stocking hangers for the mantle, so we hung ours from the window. Yeah, thats how we roll.

Two little elves nestled in with the presents, making sure there weren't any sneaky hands picking through them. Santa has eyes everywhere!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday exchange with the Kellys

We met at the Kellys for a fun holiday exchange and playtime during Christmas week. We opened gifts, decorated ornaments and enjoyed yummy treats that Wendy prepared. mmmmm...

Emerson and Delaney, playing with a super cool aircraft carrier

McKenzie was serious about her ornament decorating. She even dressed in a fancy, fancy dress for the occasion.

After decorating ornaments, Norah decorated Delaney and her own hair.

Zoo Lights 2010

Our first trip to zoo lights this year!
We managed to stay warm and enjoy the evening. Norah was wearing tights, leggings, jeans PLUS her skirt - and four shirts under her jacket. Emerson had on two shirts, two sheatshirts, plus his jacket. I was so worried they would be cold!

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