Monday, February 27, 2006

Leadership Academy 2006

This last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Pi Phi HQ in St Louis, Missouri, for a leadership conference. It was incredible and I loved every minute of it! The only thing that would have been better is if Norah could have come along. Three nights away is a long time...

Region 7 (the region I serve in) Chapter Presidents and Alumnae Advisors after our regional meeting

The famous Miss Jenny Whittom - she did such a fabulous job coordinating the event!

Lani Miller, Patty Link, HS, Linda Ibsen and Kristin Brothers

Kristin Brothers and yours truly, posing in the HQ foyer

Jamie, Susie, Dassie, Heather and Laura at HQ

A visit from family

My brother David brought his girls up for a visit this last week. Kimmie and Hadley have grown so much! Its hard to get 3 little girls to sit still for a picture...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Howdy, Partner

A new, strange game

I leave Ryan and Norah at home alone...and never know what will happen! I came home yesterday to the "baby in the duffle bag" game. Norah climbs in the bag and Ryan picks it up and wanders around asking where Norah is. :-) As you can see, she loves it!

There was an old lady who lived in a shoe...

Friday was crazy! Norah and I watched Cousin Clair, Justice and Skye for most of the day. Whew, four children is a lot! How did my mom handle 7? We really enjoyed their visit - Norah loves playing with other children and her cousins are very well-mannered, which made my life easy.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Neil and Dannelle

I found pictures of Neil and Dannelle! Here they are practicing their baby techniques. :-) I am so excited for the new Baby B to arrive.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Alberta Park

Today we stopped by the park on our way home from the airport. (We dropped Aunt Misty off for a visit to cousin Kimmie and Hadley. They'll all be driving back up together so we'll get to see everyone in a few days.) It was SOOOO cold, we could only spend about a half hour at the Park. Norah thought it was great fun. She is definitly showing her preferences now...leaving really annoyed her!

Happy Valentines Day!

Daddy gave Norah a combo dvd/VHS player for Valentines...Norah especially liked the "popping" plastic warp. She rolled, stomped, sat and poked at the bubbles.

Yes, there is a picture of Norah mooshing her face in plastic. But I promise I keep plastic bags away from her on a regular basis. :-)

She also received a heart purse/cat carrier with a little stuffed kitty. She wanders around with it, saying Owww, Owww (her version of Meow).

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cookie Shine

Norah experienced her first Cookie Shine on Valentines Day...whew, was it hard for her to not walk on the sheet and eat all the candy!

I'm a big girl

Norah looked liked such a big girl today!

Playing in her lion costume...she thinks Daddy is really funny. :-)

Ian is here!

Last Friday Norah and I were able to have Ian Sevey visit us for the day! We had lots of fun playing with him - he was a cutie pie. We started off the morning with storytime at the library, which Ian wasn't too fond of but Norah loved. Then we made a quick trip to the grocery store, which Norah hated but Ian loved. Sheesh, trying to make 2 one-year olds happy... :-) Grandma Peggy joined us for the fun and Ian really liked her...thats the way to make Grandmas happy! We played at home for the rest of the day, till Amariah came to pick Ian up. After a walk up to Alberta for quick shopping and a cup of cocoa and scones, we said goodbye. Can't wait for the next visit!

Playing in the yard (watching Jones run in circles and cracking up!) in their new outfits from Amariah. Driving the cart at Fred MeyersOn our stroll up to Alberta Street

A happy Ian and traumatized Norah...someone has her binky!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Early Valentine's Day

It was an early Valentine's Day for Norah. Grandma Peggy mailed a package to her and we opened it up this evening. She roared when she saw the Valentine Lion and was so happy to break out the Pez. To Norah, everything is a telephone. So she put one on each ear and wandered around talking into them.
Grandma Peggy also gave her the neat shirt she is wearing! Its only the 9th and already she is having lots of Valentines fun... Thank you, Grandma!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I love my beautiful Norah

Norah looked so sweet in her Sunday dress, I had to take a few pics.

Taking a break to read a book (ok, every book she could get her hands on!)

Flowers! One of her latest sign language words...

Lunch with Robert and Mindy

On Saturday Norah, Grandma Peggy and I had lunch with Robert and Mindy. They even invited us over to their studio apartment, which they have made seem so open and airy! Mindy has a stockpile of toys that Norah really enjoyed playing with.

Its a baby!

Uncle Neil and Aunt Dannelle called to let us know they are expecing a baby in September. Yay! They will be wonderful parents to the little one. I am voting that they name her Heather, but I think they have other plans. If its a girl, she'll be little Josie Neil wants to name a boy Rhett (yes, like Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind) Dannelle is probably praying for a girl. :-)

I couldn't find a pic of Neil and Dannelle, but I did find one of all my brothers! L-R = Robert, Lee, David, Kodiak and Neil. Neil is sporting a sassy pose...

Saturday, February 04, 2006

First time 'round the Carousel

Don't blink - there goes Norah!
Grandma Peggy treated Norah to a couple of trips around the Carousel at Jantzen Beach this morning. Wow, did Norah love it!

You can see her stretching out to wave at Mommy - she's such a good sport. :-)

As you can see from this face, the only part she wasn't so keen on was getting off the horse.

Grandma and the Golden Monkey!

On a different note, today Norah told me "no" for the first time - and meant it. She tilted her little head, said no, and took off running the other direction. It took everything I had not to crack up laughing. Is this a harbinger of things to come??

My Three Cousins

Norah and I stopped by to visit Solomon, Sophie and Sara on Friday. Sophie and Sara are getting so big - and they smile all the time. Sooo cute! Solomon modelled his T-Rex costime for us (even sharing the hat!) and Aunt Marla Gave Norah her first cupcake. Yummm....

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Justice's Big #1 Birthday!

Tonight Norah and I visited the 'Couve for Justice's first birthday party. Wow, was it a packed house! We had dinner, played with all the kids and then opened presents and enjoyed cake. Uncle Robert made Tongan style chicken...oddly enough that involves boiling the chicken...but even more tastes good!

Clair shares Bob the Builder's hat with Great Grandpa

Great Grandma snuggles with Skye

Justice, Clair and Norah test out Justice's new chairs