Friday, March 31, 2006

Sunny Playdate

Kaitlynn and Kristi joined us for a playdate at OMSI this morning! Kaitlynn is very adorable and has grown so much since the last time we visited her. She can even say Norah! Too cute...
In the afternoon we headed over to Robert and Mindy's to help them pack - you can imagine how helpful Norah is with that!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Girl Time!

This morning Norah and I headed over to Aunt Marla's to spend time with the girls after storytime. Uncle Earle and Cousin Solomon are playing at the beach, so it was perfect time for the girls to hang out. After some very exhaustive exercise, we had a casual lunch at Clackamas Towne Center (Ryan will be pleased that NO shopping occured, although there was lots of temptation). Sophie and Sara were a DELIGHT - just smiley and cute as can be - although I only managed to catch Sophie smiling at the camera. Norah is so fascinated with her little cousins and seems to be learning the concept of gentle touching and sharing. Very sweet and so much fun - what a treat!


Although overcast and sometimes drizzly, Wednesday was relatively warm so we walked a bit outside OMSI and enjoyed the view. There was a gated area where lots of kids were playing and eating lunch - and Norah was on the wrong side of the gate! She peeped woefully in... :-)


Grandma Peggy, Norah and I spent time at OMSI on Wednesday morning. There is a music session every week and we thought we'd take advantage of it. After we arrived we remembered this week is spring break - I've never seen so many kids before! Norah quite enjoyed herself and Mom and I came home ready for a nap. Wow, was it over-stimulating! Norah and Grandma made playdough toys, a crown (featured in her pics), shopped for plastic veggies and built Lego extravaganzas. I guess Grandma and Norah deserved the nap; in retropect I think I did a lot of watching them play! Norah also played in the water feature...and drank out of it was well. Yuck - hopefully she won't be bringing home any more sickness (we've had plenty this week and are jsut finally coming out of it). The live band was great - lots of fun for the kids and very interactive. We can't wait to see who plays next week!

What to wear?

If you are Norah...this is what you pick. She has an eye for fashion!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Day Without Mama

Tuesday being work day, Norah spent the day with Grandma Peggy and Aunt Mindy. As always, she enjoyed herself! The last time Mindy watched Norah she was in a terrible, fussy mood. Fortunatly today Mindy saw her usual happy, friendly self. Mindy took the above pic of Norah with her cell phone - she is posing with the alphabet necklace they made. Also a pic of Norah walking Uncle Kodiak home (or vice versa) from the school bus stop. Thank you Grandma and Aunt Mindy!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Here rests a Woodsman of the World

My Great Grandpa, Lot Butler - he passed away at a relativly young age in a freak lumber accident.
These past few months the Butler side of our family has had a renewed interest in our geneology. We've been fortunate that our Grandpa, Keith Butler, and my Dad, Neil Butler, have already done a lot of work for us. We have some very interesting stories that they have documented! We are also working on this generation's family history and at a Butler family meeting last night we started work on that project. Fun! Mom is spearheading that - and Misty spent Saturday visiting the local pioneer cemetaries and taking pics of our family's grave sites. Not only does this give us good date and name info, it really brings home that these were real people! Her pics are located here...

Bubbles Friday

Norah loves Uncle Kodiak!

The librarian at storytime this Friday brought out the coolest toy...a bubble machine! Norah came home all sticky from her shower of bubbles. I think she spent around 20 minutes in the bubble frenzy!

Is it disgusting that I let Norah play with a public phone? Hope she doesn't catch anything, but she really enjoyed the distraction... :-) In her pic with Grandma (this is storytime at Grandma's local library) she has her cell phone. This girl is addicted!
One of Norah's fave activities at Grandma's house is unloading her cupboards. Oddly enough, Grandma Peggy encourages it. :-)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Hooters Clarification

In response to your queries regarding the last post...NO, I did not take Norah to Hooters. The sign was just coincidentally in the background. We feel (after much discussion between Ryan and I) that it would be inappropriate take her there until she is at least 2 years old. Thank you for your inquiries. :-)


Wow - how great is all this sunshine?? Norah and I broke out the summer clothes and were out and about enjoying the beautiful weather.

Also saw Liz and Laura and then Aunt Misty this afternoon. We missed Aunt Laurie but will see her tomorrow!

To all those waiting for the update, no, I did not break Norah's finger. :-) Although I will need a few years therapy to get over slamming it in the door.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry

OMSI! We had such a great time playing in the new children's Science Playground. Norah especially enjoyed the construction section - she was the only little girl in the area, but held her own. She built towers, played with cars, climbed the play structure and even rolled blocks along a conveyor belt. Wow, is she industrious...perhaps there is a career in construction ahead of her. After the science playground we toured the Earth Lab, where she made friends with a few fox puppets. Although she tried to sneak them out of the exhibit a few times, we managed to leave them in their place. Of all the crazy things there, the only exhibit that made her nervous was a little tiny plastic frog with a recorded "ribbit" sound. She couldn't figure out where it was coming from and everytime it played she would run over, grab my leg, and peer around trying to see where the odd noises were coming from. Needless to say, after all that fun she is now sound asleep!

How to Entertain Toddler 101

Grumpy toddler in car? Play the Shoe on the Head and Shoe on the Ears game. Gauranteed entertainment for at leaste 20 minutes.

Friday, Friday

Norah ventured through her first tunnel at storytime. As we haven't played with anything like this, I wasn't sure if she would do it. But - nothing seems to faze her and away she went. She wanted to hang out in the middle of the tunnel, which seemed to slow up the fun for the rest of the kids. It was fun watching Grandma Peggy trying to lure her out.

We went to Grandma Peggy's house for lunch and Robert stopped by to hang out. Mindy eventually came over after her finals, so we were able to catch up with them. Only one more term for Mindy!

Harvard Bound!

Liz is going to Harvard - I am so excited for her! She was accepted into the Harvard School of Divinity and will be leaving us in the fall. We'll miss her so much while she is gone, but can't wait to hear all about her new adventures. Cute little Laura is posing with her. :-)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Columbia RIver Gorge and Multnomah Falls

Today Norah and I had the pleasure of visiting with Oriana and Jenny, while they are in town for a Pi Phi event. This was their first time in Oregon - thankfully we have had a couple of sun breaks throughout the day. We drove up to Multnomah Falls, had lunch and enjoyed the view!

I DO participate in (semi) routine car maintenance...

Contrary to popular belief, I do periodically take my car in for maintenance. This is Norah enjoying a book while we wait in line for an oil change. She was happy for about 5 minutes and spend the next half hour mad and LOUD. Next time I'll leave her home with Daddy!

Norah is a good climber... :-)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

School Lunch

Norah and Grandma Peggy met Uncle Kodiak for lunch at Alki middle school yesterday. This was Norah's first school lunch and it looked like she really enjoyed it! Rumor is Uncle Kodiak supplied her with contraband chocolate milk. You have to keep your eye on those middle schoolers... :-)

Anna and Charlie

Monday was an exciting visit with Anna and Charlie Ricks. The are FIVE, as Anna pointed out, and going to school now. :-) Its amazing how much they have grown!