Friday, November 30, 2007

Emerson is 11 months!

Wow - look at those teeth! He has two more on their way on the bottom. Emerson knows more signs and we are pretty sure he is vocalizing dog. He will eat anything and everything we offer, although his lactose intolerance still bothers him. This month we realized that Emerson REALLY understands what we are saying (duh, I know). I jokingly said, "Emerson, come bite my toe"...and then he ran over and bit my toe. :-)

Festival of the Nativities

Today we visited a local LDS church for an annual Festival of the Nativity. We saw literally hundreds of nativity sets from all over the world. Everything was beautifully decorated. It was very touching!

There were a couple of children's areas as well - this one for crafts (Norah made a Christmas ornament and colored pictures with Grammie).

This room was full of nativity activities for the childen, including a life-size stable scene. Norah played dress up as an angel, Mary, and above as a donkey. Her favorite. :-) She walked around braying "Hee-Honk". LOL

This room was SO cool - the pics don't do it justice. Both Emerson and Norah playing with little sets.

Listening to Grammie read a story in the story tent.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The COLDEST birthday party ever...

Norah asked that we have her birthday party at Lewisville Park this year. I cold could it really be? If we dress warmly, have a fire and drink hot chocolate and apple cider, we should be fine. HA! It was FREEZING!! Next year we're taking her to Hawaii. :-) Grammie and Uncle Kodiak came early to help Ryan and I set up - they had the fire going when we arrived! The birthday girl is three!
Taking "uncle" Strider for a walk
Hadley, Kimmie, Norah and Isabelle, making princess crowns (the boys had pirate ships!)
Sara and Sophie, with a little of mom's help
Strider cracked Emerson up!
Lunch - drink that cider up!
Strider and Solomon
Grandpa and Gramma and Solomon

Dillon, painting his pirate ship
Cousin Isabelle
Blowing out the candles on the fairy cake!
Kodiak and his ship
Aunt Kaye and a very chilly Hadley!

Norah's birthday morning

When Norah woke up this morning, she was delighted to find the birthday fairy had come and left all these presents for her! Her gasp when she came out of her room was priceless. :-) Norah had to put on her wings and wand and do a dance right away, then she went and woke up Ryan and Emerson so she could open presents.

Lots of fun presents!

Friday, November 23, 2007


Norah and I enjoyed a girl time with her cousins, Kimmie and Hadley. I took the girls for a day-after-thanksgiving showing of the new Disney flick, Enchanted. It was a very cute movie and even enjoyable for me. :-) We all fell in love with Princess Giselle, and I was more than happy to watch Patrick Dempsey for a couple of hours... Sneaking popcorn while we wait for the show
Is it starting yet???!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the third year we have hosted a Thanksgiving day celebration - lots of work, but so enjoyable to treat our guests! The cooking began a few days in advance, with tweaks of tried and true recipes and additions of a few new ones as well. We had leftovers for eveyone! My grandparents, Grandma Peggy, Uncle Kodiak, Uncle David, plus cousins Kimmie and Hadley joined us for the afternoon. My first entire turkey! There were some moments of craziness during the prep - when I was ready to through the 22 lb. bird out the window - but the final product was juicy and tasty!
Providing dancing entertainment
Great-Grandma Dolores Hadley Robbins and her namesake, Hadley Katherine Butler
Grandpa, showing the boys how the X-Box REALLY works
I made a special Thanksgiving princess table for the girls - just their size. They seemed to really enjoy it! We had crafts when they arrived and yummy treats throughout the afternoon.
Emerson, literally "putting a cork in it"...Ryan had to fish it out of his mouth.
David, enjoying a post-turkey snooze
And the girls have dessert at the princess table!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ashleigh's Bridal Shower

My cousin Ashleigh is having a winter wedding on December 1st - Norah and I went to her bridal shower to celebrate! Melissa and Ashleigh
Cousin Hunter, Norah, 2 guests I don't know and cousin Hannah!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Kimberly and Hadley are here! (and Uncle Dave, too)

My brother David is here for a while, along with his adorable daughters, Kimberly and Hadley. We've been having lots of adventures together!To the library with Grammie
Playing dress up - Kimmie and Hadley were princess and Norah was the (naked) dragon...

Monday, November 05, 2007

Lloyd Center Skating Rink

Our cousins Dillon and Carson had a day off from school, so we met the Blinn family at Lloyd Center to skate. This was Norah's first trip (and I believe Dillon and Carson's as well), so it was pretty entertaining to watch! After we were done, Ryan walked over to the mall from work and we all grabbed dinner together. Fun!Emerson, wiggling with Aunt Lynne
Norah and Uncle Todd
Carson, on his first run around the rink
Dillon, in the distance!