Monday, June 30, 2008


Grandpa and Gramma just returned from a trip to the East coast - and brought along these adorable shorts outfits for N&E. Just in time for summer!

Sunday, June 29, 2008


The Blinns hosted a welcome BBQ for G&G B - G&G Skogen came up from Corvallis as well, so we were able to see everyone at once!
Norah definitly takes after her Auntie Lynne and Grammy C!
Playing ball - the boys played some version of ball all afternoon. Emerson did his best to participate. I don't think I've ever seen him have as much fun as he did today, running around after the big boys. He's usually innundated with girls and princesses.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sleepover with the Bug

This weekend Hadley is staying with us - she is so easy to watch - helps entertain Norah and Emerson and is a sweet little cuddle bug. :-) We told her this weekend she is an honorary Skogen!Enjoying ice cream after a HOT performance at the Scan Festival. We had craft time, play time, ice cream time, and finally quiet time, my favorite.

Getting ready for bed in their matching princess PJs.
Despite their looong day, they still didn't get to sleep till around 10!

Portland Scandanavian Festival

Norah and her Leikarringen group performed at this weekend's Scandinavian Festival. It was 105 degrees out - so hot for all of us! We brought along lots of water and fruit, but could only stay for about an hour and a half. Whew, HOT, HOT, HOT!
Dancing the Nose Grinder with Hadley (cousins Hadley and Kim have joined the Lille Leikarringen group)

Grandma Carmen and Grandpa Lyman just arrived into town last night and were able to meet us at the festival. After two long days of driving, they were real troopers to come along! We were so happy to see them!

What a sweetheart :-)

Watching the Maypole procession

and marching in the procession!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer Reading Extravaganza

Wow - we went to the library for what we thought was a little activity, but it turned otu to be a huge summer reading program kickoff. The line to get in wrapped around the side of the building - whew, what fun. I'm glad we went and will be sure that we have it on our calendar for next year! This summer is bug-themed - much to N&E's enjoyment.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Playdate with GP

Grammie Peggy is leaving on vacation soon, so we've been spending lots of time with her this week!

Matching play skirts...should we have added a ruffle on Grammie's? :-)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Norah's first ballet recital - An Enchanted Fairytale!

Finally, the big day has arrived! After her first year of ballet classes, Norah finally enjoyed her first recital. She was fabulous (yeah, no bias here) and remembered every single one of her moves. We were a very proud family and enjoyed her excitement immensely!
Norah and cousin Hadley, also in her class. They were too cute today!
Great Grandpa and Great Grandma joined us, along with Aunt Eileen, Uncle Charles, Grammie Peggy, Kodiak, the Dave Butler fam, Neil Butler fam -and Katie's sister and niece, Jen and Anna. G-Grandpa had priority seating, so we all enjoyed the benefit of a front row seat. Woohoo, thanks Grandpa!
Exiting the stage after their final bows
G&G brought the girls bouquets - Norah loved hers!
Just because Kodiak looks a little maniacal in this...

Neil, Dannelle, Josie and James came - Josie was great during the entire show! She gradually crawled across our laps till she reached Ryan, then sat with him for the remainder of the performances.

Chatting with Grammie, after the show

A celebratory ice cream cone!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Emerson's first ice cream cone

Every Tuesday we visit Great G&G Robbins - today was so hot, we went out for ice cream. Emerson had his first cone, a very messy experience...

This is before it got REALLY messy.

Three Creeks

Norah calls Three Creeks Grammie's library, because before we moved over here this is a fun place we'd meet to play with Grammie and attend storytime. Now its our library as well - but still Grammie's libary to N. :-)Playing with Thomas and Grammie
Reading in the adult section
How is it possible that I had such a cute little guy???
Norah's new fave place in the library. I had been keeping her away from my home computer, so was really surprised when she sat down and started surfing the net here. But it seems to come naturally, so I've been letting her play at home. She can navigate her way through without any help from me, so we'll be setting up her FaceBook page next. ;-)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dress Rehearsal = finally, the real stage!

Norah has been so anxious to perform on the stage - when the day finally arrived for dress rehearsal she could hardly wait to get here! When she first stepped onto the stage, I could see her thoughts running through her head - Whoa, I am going to be out here all by myself for a minute - do I REALLY want to do this? Then - Oh yeah, this is great!!

For their scene the girls dance to Teddy Bear Picnic with their own bears. Norah has a special bear that Grammie Peggy gave her and has him (yes, the boy bear is dressed as a girl) all dressed up in a Cinderella costume that Grandma Carmen gave her from Disneyland.
Katie and I carpooled over with Norah and Hadley - now they just have to wait till Saturday!