Sunday, November 30, 2008

The hood

After all the eating we did this weekend, we had to go out for a walk today!

Norah's version of dressing for cold weather...

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Butler Family Christmas

We kicked off the Christmas season with a crab feed! Uncle Dave took the guys out EARLY this morning to go crabbing, then we met this evening for a delicious family dinner.

The O'Brien family really outdid themselves this Christmas!

All the children love the fish tank~

It was a long evening - at the end of the night Emerson crawled in the dog kennel and laid down. That was our cue to head home!

La Boutique Fantasque

Grandpa and Gramma Skogen gave Norah a very special treat for her birthday this year - her first trip to the ballet. She has been anxiously awaiting the excursion ever since she found out! We found a children's book version of the story and have been boning up on what to expect from the story as well as how to mind her best manners. She spent all morning getting ready - picking out her acessories and practicing her "princess ballet" manners.

When G&G arrived to pick her up she was ready to run out the door!

After the show G&G took her to meet members of the cast. She came home with autographs as well. :-)

This was her favorite character, in addition to a pair of poodle dolls.
Thank you, Gramma and Grandpa!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Goodbye G&G

After a fun weeklong visit, Grandpa and Grandma Butterfield are headed back to California! We ended their visit with a dinner out at the Spagetti Factory. We will really miss them!!


Ryan and Emerson, checking out the geese at Ft. Vancouver.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Blinn family hosted a beautiful Thanksgiving day, celebrating with Grandpa and Grandma Butterfield and Grandpa and Gramma Skogen and our family. We had such a wonderful time! Emerson was really shy when we first arrived. He wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. :-)

Aunt Lynne made the prettiest place settings, complete with nametags, napkin rings and Thanksgiving after dinner mints. Beautiful!


Playing cars with Grandpa Vern

Again, Emerson wouldn't look at anyone, even me and the camera. :-) Grandma Carmen made him the beautiful sweater he is wearing in this photo.

I guess I was obsessed with pics of Emerson eating today. He did such a great job, sitting to the table and using his flatware (mostly). He used all Lynne's best things and we left without anything broken. Woohoo!

Aunt Lynne and Norah. Norah is wearing an adorable dress that G&G Skogen gave her for her birthday and a sweet heart pendant from G&G Butterfield. Whew, birthdays are great!

Norah plopped down next to this scarecrow and asked me to take a picture. She does this all the time now, when she finds something she is interested in.

Emerson could not get enough of the t-day sparkling beverage. Aunt Lynne was very brave and allowed him to toast and drink out of the nice glasses...I was so scared. :-)

Where's my dinner??

Norah's 4th birthday update...

Fabulous Aunt Laurie and Uncle Damien saved the day...they tooks lots of fabulous pics at Norah's birthday party. :-) Thank you!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Madagascar Birthday

Emerson, Norah and I went for a matinee showing of Madagascar 2 - the first was a fave of both. However, the minute the lights went down, Emerson bean yelling and wouldn't stop. We ended up leaving, then coming back in the evening for a girls night out. The second time around N and I had a great time!

Emerson's 1 minute of enjoyment... :-)

Birthday Fun

Norah's birthday morning began with a stop at Grammie Peggy's.

Grammie gave her a copy of a special book that Grammie also has, and Norah really enjoys when she visits.

Gorgeous close up photos of snowflakes - they look like they are made of glass.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A tired, but very happy girl

Norah, after her party - ready to snuggle up in bed with Frenchie - in her fancy french poodle PJs.

Norah's 4th Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Norah's 4th birthday with a party at her gymnastics studio. It was tons of fun! The children seemed to really enjoy themselves, especially the birthday girl. After a quick cake and presents gathering, we headed down to the floor for some fun!
I was so disappointed, at some point during the party I switched my camera to night settings. Argh! Although they aren't clear, here is an impressionist version of Norah's shindig...
This is the first year I didn't make Norah's cake - she was very happy with Tink, I was the only one that felt guilty!

Kimmie, Sophie and Norah
Isabelle, Norah and Frenchie.
Norah is wearing her Fancy Nancy dress, to go with her Fancy Nancy dog...she is quite fancy. ;-)

Sara, Sophie, Solomon and Isabelle

Aunt Katie, in the foam pit.
Somewhere in here, Ryan is lurking...

Little Hadley Bug

Isabelle, Solomon, Sophie, Norah and Sara

Oohing and aahing over presents.

This looked like so much fun! Its too bad the adults didn't have a turn. :-)

Isabelle, patiently waiting with Aunt Laurie to use the bungees.

Kim and Solomon, flipping through the air.

Ah - so bummed my camera wasn't set right - the kids all had looks of utter delight on this thing!

Uncle Damien was as much fun as all the children!