Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Baking Bread, Going Shopping

Norah and I had a chance to go out to lunch with my Aunt Kaye - we had a blast! Norah was showered with all sorts of fun and cute presents, much to her delight. She loves her new mini-backpack and dress up clothes and I love the new outfits that she can now wear about town. She also has the most adorable pink rainboots that will be seeing a lot of use now that we are into the rainy season. We were spoiled - thank you Aunt Kaye! Tomorrow I'll post pics of Norah in her princess outfit.

Today Norah and I spent time at Grandma Peggy's house. While I worked on sewing up Norah's Halloween costume, Norah helped Grandma around the house. She kept an eye on the hamster while Grammy cleaned out its home (scary, I was afraid she'd try to throw the rolling hamster ball). The hamster is actually Uncle Kodiak's and is Norah's namesake. Kodiak decided that they had the same color hair and named her Norah H (as in Hamster). You can just imagine the confusion that creates for Norah S!

Norah also had her first experience with baking homemade bread. Grandma set her up with her own mini cinnamon and sugar loaf. Her favorite part was kneading flour into the dough. She was so delighted with the entire activity!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Off to see the bus

Norah and I walked down to pick up Ryan from the bus today. She usually finds lots of things along the way to pick up and show daddy - today she found a stick that she kept running with. I thought she was going to poke her eye out. I guess its better than the cigarette butts she sometimes tries to pick up... :-)
Norah "Runs with Sticks" Skogen

I'm not TOUCHING the neighbors flowers, I'm POINTING.

Norah found these "neat p.js." (her words) and we had to have them. Anything with a dog is a winner!

No gathering is complete -

- without really awful karaoke. Butler-style!


My bother and sister-in-law, Robert and Mindy, came up from California for a surprise visit this weekend! They are so crazy (OK, young and fun?) that they just drove up for a three day weekend. We've had such a good time visiting and wish they lived much closer!
Everyone (except me!) tried on Kodiak's football gear...it was very nostalgic for Robert. He showed Kodiak some "moves" so we'll have to see if thats a help or just scary. ;-)

Even Norah stepped into the action. :-) She thought that it was so funny when Robert and Kpdoak were blockign each other, she tried to join in the pushing. I'm not quite sure thats a skill I want her to learn!

Die-hard fans only

This Thursday was Kodiak's game with arch-rival Columbia River HS. Whew, was it a good one! As you can see from the last pic, they won by a landslide! Although the game was almost called for lightening, they still managed to complete the entire thing, with a short delay in the middle. Norah was a good sport - she takes after her mama in the football fan department! The game began overcast, but not a drop of rain in sight...
Then came the downpour...Then came the lightening and hail...

Then came the win!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Meet me in St. Louis...

...meet me at Pi Phi HQ...

I just returned from a 4 day trip to St. Louis, MO - world famous as the home of Pi Beta Phi Headquarters. Had a great time at Officers Workshop and am ready for the year! Well, as ready as we can ever be in Region 7. :-) It was great to reconnect with everyone from across the country!

Members of the Collegiate Region 7 Team - Kris Murphy, Brenda Butler and me

Kris, flashing our Region 7 gang sign...she's so fly

And perhaps the most hysterical moment, Grand Council doing the hula. Need I say more?

Time with the Greats and Grands!

Norah's great-grandparents and grandparents from California (Ryan's mom, step-dad and grandparents) came to visit for a couple of weeks. They had lots of fun playing together - Norah loved the family time! Great Grandpa Soward
Great Grandma Soward

Monday, September 04, 2006

A few more pics

Grammy and Norah at Aunt Misty's volunteer picnic
Norah and Daddy, enjoying the ride down to Corvallis!
Uncle Kodiak is playing freshman football - we've loved going to the games. Norah especially enjoys all the running around opportunity - and is very excited to spot "Uncle Dak".
I put her sunglasses on and Norah told me she was cute... :-)


Being the coolest cats in town, Misty, Amariah and I went the American Idol concert at the Rose Garden. I thought we'd be the oldest people there; shockingly enough, we weren't! I have a little crush on Chris Daughtry... It was very silly and lots of fun.

Its about time...

...that we post on our blog! As the family blogger, I have been derelict in my duties. This prgnancy has been a littly akward and I have been spending time focusing on the basics of our family life. And although I haven't been posting, I HAVE continued to take crazy quantities of pictures. :-)

This weekend we visited Seaside, just for the day. Norah was ecstatic to see the ocean - she couldn't quit hysterically laughing in the water.