Friday, August 29, 2008

OMSI with the Butlers

Josie Pie has yet to visit OMSI, so OF COURSE we had to take her along for some fun! She really enjoyed the childrens play area, as did Norah and Emerson. They spent a lot of time in each area, but I would have to say the fave of the day was the spinning paint wheel. Emerson actually had a complete meltdown when his turn was over, spilling paints all over the floor (yeah, I was feeling like a really good mom). They played in the water, pretending the were chipmunks, made crafts and more. The kids were all really hungry after so much good fun, so we took advantage of the OMSI cafe - yum - Josie propped her bare feet up on the table and Emerson sucked on an onion. We were one classy bunch!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Butler Family Reunion

What happens when you have so many Butlers gather in one place? Nothing quite sane...

This year we gathered for what we hope will become an annual tradition, a summer family camping trip. My mom had planned the trip a good 8 months out - and it was perfect. Everyone met up at Trillium Lake, on Mt Hood. Although the Skogens couldn't make it up for the entire weekend, we surely enjoyed when we were there! Norah did go up and stay with Grammie and Misty although I don't know if anyone was able to sleep during the 2 nights up there. Norah has some interesting stories to tell about the new-to-her kybo situation. At one point she told me that Aunt Misty taught just her to back up and not look down. Her serious delivery had me cracking up for quite some time!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Grandpa DeWitt Soward

Today we recieved the heartbreaking news that Ryan's grandpa, DeWitt Soward, has passed away. He was a wonderful man and a much beloved grandfather. His home was always open to his family and he had a special way of bringing people together. We are so happy that he had the chance to spend time with our children and will especially treasure our most recent visit with him. While we celebrate his life, we already miss him!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Little Zig Zag Falls - Mt Hood, OR

We heard rumor that this hike was perfect for little children, so we headed up to Mt Hood this morning to check it out. The weather was HOT and a hike alongside stream was just right. Both Norah and Emerson pretty much walked the whole way - and Norah carried her own little backback. All right!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Powells Bookstore - Portland, Oregon

This morning we set off with Grammie and Kodiak, not knowing where we would end up. Fortunatly, we ended up at Powells! The last time we had been Emerson was hibernating in this time we (me especially) enjoyed it a lot more. :-) The kids loved the childrens book area and it was about time we came back. As a child we visited Powells regularly, so this brought back many happy memories. And I love the scent of old books - I was in heaven!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What did you say???

Favorite quotes from Norah...

After putting her to bed – repeatedly – “Mama, you have to promise not to be mean to me EVER again.” Go back to bed right now. “Not yet, I still have to talk to you. Will you be mean to me when you close the gate up (the baby gate across the doorway)? No, I’ll be nice to you. “Oh. OK, that’s ok.” 2/3/08
While washing hair – “Please don’t do that ever again. It will be so scary and take out the twinkle in my eye…” Norah 1/5/08
“And then I called the Dr and the Dr said you have a little puppy in your tummy! So I went to the Dr and that baby puppy rolled out!” Norah 1/11/2008
While mom and dad enforce bedtime - “I love you and I don’t want you to be mean to me. I am a talker and I will take care of you. I love you very much.” Norah 1/22/2008
(Norah, lying on the couch because she keeps waking up her cousins, who are sleeping in her room) My feet can’t touch the floor? That’s weeeeeird. Hmm. Can my finger touch the floor? What about my head? Can my head touch the floor? (No, no part of your body can touch the floor) That’s weeeeird. Can my book touch the floor? Norah 1/17/2008
When asking for cheese – Mama, I don’t want the sprinkles, I want the floppy one that I can wave around. (aka, a slice) 11/24/2007
Takes off one of her shoes and waving it around – when asked what she is doing – “I am humping. (WHAT??? What did you say??) I am humping! It’s a whale. I am humping.” 11/25/07
My heart is by my naked nibbles (aka nipples). 03/21/08
“Dad, come on, the sweets are waiting for us to eat them” (sneaky - When mom is upstairs and they are alone downstairs) 3/29/08
“I dressed my doggie up like Cinderella so she could be beautiful like me. She is really adorable! Oh my gosh, her mamma (aka Norah) is freaking out, she is so adorable.” 4/2/08
Do you know where bees make honey? (Beehives.) You are correct! So Pooh bear can eat it, course. 5/4/08
May I just make ONE point??? 5/9/08
While carrying her on my shoulders, during a loooong hike. I asked her to quit choking me. “ Mama, I’m not choking you, I’m protecting your neck from the sun.” 7/13/2008
Showing me little girl accessories at Gymboree. “Mom, this is so stinkin’ cute. Its so darn adorable!” 7/13/2008
After spending quite some time making her bed with all her fancy blankets, pillows and dolls. “ It’s a Fancy Nancy Norah bed. It’s for enchanted fairy princesses. You guys have a plain bedroom. I have a fancy bedroom!” 7/13/2008
“Mom, how do babies come out of your belly button?” (I am deer in headlights, not knowing what to say…) “A baby doesn’t come out of your belly button, a doctor helps it come out of a special baby hole.” YEAH, I came up with the term BABY HOLE!!! Argh. 07/16/08 While playing with her stuffed animals the next day “This is my little friend Mor (most of her made up names somehow relate to her own - Nor, Norf, Mor, etc.). She has a little baby in her belly that came out of her baby hole. Isn’t she so stinkin’ cute?” Oh my…I don’t think I will ever live that down!
Norah, Emerson and I are rushing through Barnes and Noble, trying to make an emergency potty trip. I accidentally shove a stack of books off a table, whisper “dammit” under my breath, then pick them up and run on. Moments later Norah knocks a book bag off a shelf, whispers “dammit”, then hangs it back up and keeps running. I am flunking motherhood this week! 7/17/2008
Jones growls at Norah as she tries to pet him “Awww, he purred at me. That was a friendly little hello.” 07/18/2008
Momma, its just hard for me to stand up when I am dancing through the world”. Norah 7/27/2008

Emersons current fave words...
Kinky – binkey
Buts – button
Pane – plane
Dogk – Dog
Kyak – Kodiak
Ite – Light
Keek – kick
Dadt - Dad
Ima – Gramma
Chooch – Choo choo train
Jnse - Jones
Nnna - Norah
Nana – banana
Chich – Chicken
Ot! – hot
This and That – just like it sounds...

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Zoo Day with the Sevey Family

We enjoyed a special treat today - the Sevey family met us at the Oregon Zoo for a day of fun! The weather was perfect and we all had such a great time. I wish they lived closer!

Monkey see, monkey do - Emerson copied the big kids throughout the day. Here he watched Ian climb up on the gate, then he had to as well.

Yeah - the kids really wanted to pose for a group shot... :-)

Enjoying the Zoo train - during the summer it runs all the way over to the Rose Gardens


Memories from our day...
First full family trip with the Seveys (little Kimberly Heather came along in utero)
Emerson trying to keep up with everything Ian did
Riding the Zoo train
Spending lots of time checking out the bug exhibit
Finding dinos at the zoo
Emerson's startled reaction at the T-Rex noise
The spitting dino
Norah and Ian barreling down a seemingly cliff-like slide
Stinky bats
Super-cute meerkats
Petting the goats
Watching a hippo open its mouth WIDE

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Emerson's first hair cut

Awwww...Iam so sad. :( I had my baby's curls sheared off today! His hair was long enough for a ponytail, so I guess it was past time. Since Norah is gone, we went out together for our own special excursion. E was fascinated with the experience and sat still long enough for the trim. He looks cute, but I miss his baby curls!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Clark County Fair 2008 - Day Two

Today Grandpa came up from Corvallis to meet us at the fair! After showing off N&E's projects, we saw most of the animals and spent a lot of time in the goat section. N&E also enjoyed a ride on the ponys, courtesy of Grandpa. The kids were so thrilled to see him - it was a fun day!! Later that night Grandpa took Norah home with him as she is spending two nights down at G&G's house. This is her first trip away from home and she is pretty excited!
Our faves from day two...
Playing with Grandpa
More Snakes!
Baby Goats
Painting Fish Scales
Fire Engines
Pony Rides
Baby Llamas
Dock Dogs
Noisy Roosters
Naked Sheep
Hot Dogs
Caramel Apples
Rides with Gramps

Monday, August 04, 2008

Clark County Fair 2008 - Day One

Today was our first day at the 2008 county fair - it was a HOT day with plenty to see. Norah, E and I arrived at 10:30 and left at 5, managing to meet up with most of the local Butler family at some point during the day. Everyone entered something and all came away with ribbons and prizes - Norah received blue ribbons for her Choc Chip Cookies (2nd time recipients!) and beaded bracelet and also received a Best in Show (reserve) ribbon on a great piece of artwork. Emerson made his first entry, a picture titled Lines, Lines, Lines - you'll have to check out the pics - and was awarded a fabulous, multi-colored participants ribbon. I even entered a couple of photos! Yep, we rock.
Our faves from day one...
Fire Engines
Pony Rides
Silly Pictures
Face Painting
Balloon creations
Irish Sundaes
Corn Dogs
Scary Rides
Not-so-scary Rides
and Family!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Shout Out - R7 Rockstars

This weekend the Pi Phi team I work with convened in Vancouver for our annual team training/retreat. I am SO LUCKY to work with a phenomenal group of specialists! We love serving the collegians and alumnae in Region Seven and are especially pumped for this coming school year!

Look, we are in Hawaii! OK, we are in front of the mighty Columbia River. But it COULD have been Hawaii...we are pushing for an extension opportunity at one of the universities there... ;-)
(L-R, our R7 Rockstars)
Britton "Big BT" - Membership Spec - Seattle WA,
Heather "Skogs" - Director - Vancouver WA,
Pam "Dollar$"- Finance Spec - Eugene OR,
Suzette "Got Fun?" - Programming Spec - Denver CO,
Carly "Sweets"- Operations Spec - Edmonton AB Canada,
Amy "da Krack" - Risk Management Spec - Loveland CO

Box lunch break at Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver (WA, not BC!)